Residential Glass Repairs
in Southeast Ohio

Pidcock Glass Replacing Glass in Doors
and Windows Since 1992.
Glass repair, replacement, and parts.
Small Storefronts. Door replacement &
repair. Commercial door service.
Offers unique & custom glass creations.
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Pidcock Glass Replacing Glass in Doors
and Windows Since 1992

Pidcock Glass offers residential glass repairs in Southeast Ohio. Updating windows, doors, mirrors, and other glass is a terrific method to give your house a spectacular new look. When you want something fresh and brilliant to improve an area in your home, our glass glaziers can help. By replacing the glass in doors and windows, your home may become more energy efficient, which has advantages beyond looks.
If you detect unsightly cracks, damage around your windows, or damaged window seals, our glass specialists can help. Our glass glaziers can offer a quick and efficient repair to restore your windows to excellent condition. Schedule an appointment immediately since cracks may quickly get worse. Visit our shop to discuss your glass needs, or call (740)753-4527 to schedule a glass installation.

Pidcock Glass Installs and Repairs
a Range of Household Glass Items

  • Mirrors
  • Screens
    Rescreen, Repair, and Custom New Screens


  • Old Wood Putty Windows
  • Vinyl Insulated
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Steel Frame Sashes

Increase the Value and Aesthetics
of Your Home in Southeast OH

Due to the back-and-forth motion, sliding door glass tends to fail a little more quickly than window glass. We can repair shattered glass in your patio or sliding glass door, as well as foggy door glass. Our skilled staff can help with a variety of sliding door glass problems.
Mirrors can make a room appear twice as large when they are strategically placed. From mirrors to bathroom vanities, increase your home’s value and appeal to potential buyers. We can install traditional square mirrors or a custom mirror to make your aesthetic.

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